ECCE (Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble) is an ensemble founded in Fall 2005 in the University of Oregon. Formed exclusively by students, it is a group that dedicates to performing music of the 20th and the 21st century.

Upcoming performance

03/10/07 (Sat) . 08:00pm . UO Daugherty Dance Theater
Erythros: 4 Variations in Red. A 35-minute multimedia collaboration by Jerry Hui (composer), Laura Hiszczynskyj (choreographer), and Jefferson Goolsby (videographer).

04/25/07 (Wed) . 08:00pm . UO Beall Hall
Stravinsky: Soldier’s Tale. A 20th-century masterpiece in the mixed genre of music theater and dance. Featuring choreographer Carrie Goodnight, we will be performing Soldier’s Tale as how the composer intended.

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